Ted Rau

Ted J Rau

Self-management is social change. Non-coercive systems for humans.

In 10 years, we will look back and wonder why we ever went along with command-and-control organizations. To me, governance is part of the systems that help us be better humans: living interdependence in our daily lives and relating to ourselves, others and our environment with respect and awe. As that, I understand my consulting, advocacy and coaching as social change work.

I am working to make collaborative systems, based on willingness and dignity, the new normal in for-profits, non-profits and communities. The focus of my work is sociocracy – in a joyful and non-dogmatic way.

We published the handbook Many Voices One Song. Shared Power with Sociocracy. With that groundwork done, now working on more real-life implementations as Program Director of the Sociocracy Academy.