Norman Wolf

Norman Wolf

CEO, Board Director | Strategy Execution Consultant | Author of “The Living Organization” | Speaker |

Norman Wolfe, founder of Quantum Leaders, Inc., has spent over 40 years working in a variety of organizations from Fortune 500 to technology startups. He is a leading voice of the emerging new business paradigm and is viewed as an expert in the areas of leadership, strategy, change adoption, process improvement, organization design. He sees an organization through a different lens and uncovers new possibilities for growth.

In his book The Living Organization Mr. Wolfe sheds light on how flawless execution requires a deeply held purpose, efficient business processes, and enhanced talents, energy and maturity of people. Using The Living Organization Model™ for organization success, Quantum Leaders helps CEOs identify the critical issues blocking flawless execution bringing their senior executive team to new standards of performance.

Prior to starting Quantum Leaders, Mr. Wolfe was a 15-year veteran of Hewlett Packard where he was known as a turnaround agent in the systems engineering, service, administration and sales organizations. As head of Administrative Operations for the Western Sales Region, he was highly acclaimed for taking a failing $1.2 billion operation and setting new standards of productivity and customer service.

Mr. Wolfe was Chairman of the Governance & Nominating Committee of the Board for National Technical Systems, a NASDAQ traded company, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Web Wise Kids, a non-profit agency educating youth on the safe and appropriate use of the Internet.