Francesco Mondora

Francesco Mondora

Co Ceo mondora srl sb РMember of the Board of Directors Assobenefit 

Break the broken rules.

I am a time traveller, an optimist, and at the head of a disruptive company. I am also one of the founders of and I have over 20 years of experience in operating, assessing and improving IT functions, by leveraging and building on good pratices both in business and IT.

Visionary of people and business management, always working on leading edge topics like Value Proposition Canvas and Exponential Organizations.

My career has led me to several areas of interest, so that I do Executive Coaching on Corporate Agile Management (holacracy and Theory U), Business Strategy (GTDC Diploma Training, How to talk with Executives) and hilarious working environments.

As well as leading the operation of IT functions and services for a variety of existing clients, I have also spent recent years elaborating and improving approaches to cloud governance and platform automation. In addition, I have taken account of the Value and Importance of Software Business solution.

I am a prominent speaker at conferences across Europe on several topics. I am a Certified Scrum Master Practitioner, as designated by the Scrum Alliance, and I was one of the first certified Scrum Masters in Europe.

I am training people on GTDC, Executive Selling, Agile, Cloud Computing and also on soft skills.