Anna Bonan

anna bonan

Internationalization | Latin America at Purpose

As a corporate lawyer specialized in international M&A transactions, Anna experienced firsthand an economic system that prioritizes profits above all else, in which companies are often regarded as speculative commodities controlled by absentee investors. Willing to commit to an economy that works for people and planet, she joined Purpose, an international organization dedicated to helping businesses transition to steward-ownership. In these forms companies are led by stewards, who are deeply connected to the company, its operations, and stakeholders. Steward-owned businesses are not regarded as saleable assets, but rather as groups of people working together on a common purpose.

Anna leads Purpose international efforts, aimed at making steward-ownership forms accessible around the globe. She has a specific focus on Latin America and is based in Chile. She is a fellow of On Purpose, the European profits-for-purpose leadership program.

Anna holds a law degree at the University of Padova and the Italian bar exam. Her previous professional experience includes working as a corporate lawyer in international law firms and in companies as an in-house legal counsel. Outside of work, she has volunteered with children of disadvantaged or migration backgrounds in Italy, Germany, and South America. Deeply in love with nature, she has recently found her new home in beautiful Patagonia.