The 4th industrial revolution has been producing outcomes nobody really wanted: anger, loneliness, burnout, inequality, ecological collapse and billions wasted in employee disengagement.

Still there is hope as the winds of change are now blowing forcefully, bringing us all together and offering the opportunity to pause and reflect.

In this session, Otti Vogt, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Transformation Officer C&G at ING, introduced a journey of personal and organisational transformation about:

  • The why: values shifting from money to meaning
  • The what: individuals, teams and firms heading towards individuation, dialogue and humanocracy
  • The how: with a focus on leadership from purpose to wider impact

Otti energised us to spark a Fifth Revolution that reverberates from heart to heart across the planet, to reconnect humanity and recover better, recover stronger, recover together!



In this video Otti explored business strategy based on continuous learning,  human-centric organisations and responsible agile leadership at scale, to build a better future post Covid-19 and beyond.

SPEAKER – Otti Vogt, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Transformation Officer C&G at ING.
HOSTED BY – Emanuele Quintarelli, Associate Partner in Peoplerise.


The presentation Otti used during the event is available below:


Thanks to the support offered by Pierpaolo Barresi, the main concepts, insights and discussions emerged during the event have been also summarized in the diagram below: