June 8 2020 @17:00 – 19:00  


Financial services are often seen as the first place in which short-termism, an aggressive focus on returns and shareholder capitalism reign supreme. Along the years this attitude has arguably brought endless series of layoffs and a tendency to prioritize the interests of those owning the company over customers and even more employees.

Dutch firm Viisi is the living proof something else is emerging. For more than 10 years, its 40 employees experimented with next-generation management practices that dramatically rewrite how this market functions through totally transparent, incentivation-free, growth independent salaries, 10% of the shares reserved to employees, no layoffs during the pandemic and teams organized in self-managed circles with elected coordinators.


This is the video from the digital event in which Tom Van Der Lubbe shared his own and the company’s journey to reinvent management in the final services industry.

SPEAKER – Tom Van Der Lubbe, Co-Founder in Viisi.
HOSTED BY – Emanuele Quintarelli, Associate Partner in Peoplerise.


The presentation Tom used during the event is available below:


Thanks to the support offered by Pierpaolo Barresi, the main concepts, insights and discussions emerged during the event have been also summarized in the diagram below: