The current pandemic has disrupted our businesses, our communities, our families, and life itself.
Yet what can we do about it? What can we learn from it, to make our lives and communities stronger, more resilient, more purposeful?

In the 4th evolutionary seed of People R-Evolution, Tom Graves, Principal Consultant at Tetradian, inspired us about how to find opportunity even in the current pandemic by working with uncertainty in business, our families and communities and in the connections among the two, towards a richer whole.

The session acted as a reminder and a space in which to share and build upon what we each know, through simple tools and checklists to keep us on track in the midst of uncertainty.



This is the video from the digital event in which Tom Graves stimulated us to reflect about the current pandemic and how it could teach us to be better equipped to address uncertainty both in the business and community / family world.

SPEAKER – Tom Graves, Principal Consultant in Tetradian Consulting.
HOSTED BY – Flavio Fabiani, Partner in Peoplerise.


The presentation Tom used during the event is available below:


Thanks to the support offered by Pierpaolo Barresi, the main concepts, insights and discussions emerged during the event have been also summarized in the diagram below: