July 13 2020 @17:00 – 19:00


Automattic, from his founder’s name Matt Mullenweg, is a multinational web development company founded in 2005, whose value today is over $1B with more than 1200 employees.

In line with its software products, at Automattic all employees can work from every part of the work since day one. Through more than 70 teams of 2-12 peers working remotely and in harmony from 45 countries, Automattic is one of the most successful examples of fully distributed workforce.


In this digital event, Raúl Antón Cuadrado, HE Team Lead at Automattic, helped us to dive deep both into the practices and the thinking behind Automattic peculiar approach to work, exploring questions such as

  • What is the economical value of a fully distributed workforce?
  • Are employees not taking advantage of the huge level of freedom and trust Automattic pose in them?
  • Is technology enough to nurture that sense of connection, belonging, togetherness so crucial both for mental health and professional productivity?
  • How do leadership and management look like in a “place” in which relationships are mainly “virtual”?
  • How difficult is for somebody not used to a fully remote workplace to fit and thrive within this culture?
  • What is required to candidates for joining Automattic? How does recruiting changes in such an environment?
  • What specific rituals and techniques are effective in balancing the need for autonomy with the desire to feel part of a team even without physical touchpoints and water-cooler conversations?
  • How has all of this played out during the COVID crises?
  • What are the myths but also the easily ignored dark sides of remote first collaboration?

SPEAKER – Raúl Antón Cuadrado, HE Team Lead at Automattic
HOSTED BY – Emanuele Quintarelli, Associate Partner in Peoplerise.


The presentation Raul used during the event is available below:


Thanks to the support offered by Pierpaolo Barresi, the main concepts, insights and discussions emerged during the event have been also summarized in the diagram below: