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Uniting responsible leaders to craft the organisations of the future.



Opening our eyes to systemic impact.

People Revolution is a movement with the purpose of nurturing awareness, passion e responsibility for an interdependent evolution of individuals, organisations, society and environment.

Our events are meant to be:

  • Opportunities to learn about new perspectives – thanks to the contribution of international thought-leaders and practitioners
  • Safe spaces that inspire collective actions for a concrete change – through the possibility of interacting, posing questions, reasoning and going deeper on the presented topics both with speakers and among participants.

For a world in which business and humanity become one.




The 4th industrial revolution has been producing outcomes nobody really wanted: anger, loneliness, burnout , inequality, ecological collapse and billions wasted in employee disengagement.

Still there is hope as the winds of change are now blowing forcefully, bringing us all together and offering the opportunity to pause and reflect.

Could we imagine a new normal where we all make a difference to people and planet through our daily work? Could we liberate our organisations to bring forth a more sustainable future? And indeed, can we unite to spark a fifth revolution of virtuous, passionate and unselfish leadership to make it happen?


The purpose of this session is to invite us to embark on a journey of personal and organisational transformation about:

  • The why: values shifting from money to meaning
  • The what: individuals, teams and firms heading towards individuation, dialogue and humanocracy
  • The how: with a focus on leadership from purpose to wider impact

It will be the opportunity to explore and discuss regarding:

  • Business strategy based on continuous learning
  • How to develop human-centric learning organisations
  • How to develop responsible and agile leadership
  • Agile transformation at scale
  • Building back better post Covid-19

We’ll reflect on the journey through experiences and reflections inspired by what ING and other companies have learned in their own research and practice.


Let us spark a Fifth Revolution to reverberate from heart to heart across the planet, to reconnect humanity and recover better, recover stronger, recover together!


Otti is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Transformation Officer C&G at ING.

Disruptive thinker, amateur poet, unacknowledged internet entrepreneur , Otti is a passionate global C-level transformation leader with over 20 years of experience in implementing strategic business change in multi-cultural, complex organisations and in building global high performing teams to deliver sustainable shareholder value and happiness@work.

His motto is “Igniting the Human Spark to Build Better Businesses & Sustainable Futures”.


This digital event will be hosted in ZOOM. You can attend to it from your PC or mobile device.

It will participative and will include:

  • A conceptual introduction through which our experts will bring us into the topic through principles, frameworks, stories and real life experiences
  • An interactive section in which participants will be invited to go deeper and question, reflect, discuss about how to apply what they heard to their specific context and needs.


A revolution cannot start in a vacuum. A bridge among languages, backgrounds and needs, is required for the first spark to be generated.

People R-Evolution sessions are meant for those with organizational evolution and a more sustainable impact of business in society at their heart. It is a chance for executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and practitioners to explore new ideas and practices that can be immediately experimented towards a more humane, connected, regenerative future.

This digital event is suitable for:

  • Senior executives wishing to be inspired and to find answers to the overhaul organisations are going through at the moment
  • Managers in search for a path of growth in the value and recognition within their company
  • Professionals, members, practitioners looking for meaning through fresh, experimental practices and real life stories that could open alternative ways of working
  • Change or troublemakers willing to plug into a global network and to breath the emerging world views so vital for action



This event has free access through registration from this page